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Explore Strange New Worlds

Post  hippiejohn on Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:16 pm

Episode One

Lieutenant Gren has a mission for you.
Explore Strange New Worlds.
The nearby Delta Volanis Cluster remains largely unexplored and many reports of KDF activity in the area have Starfleet sending regular patrols into the cluster.
Your mission is to make a standard patrol, exploring at least three(3) systems along your route.
Report back to Lieutenant Gren when you are done.

Head to Delta Volans , unexplored system on long range sensors , take us in.
Oh look. A system full of 5 freaking anomolies to scan.
What's this an slight abnormality in one of the things you scan ?
Whatever ....

System 2
Yay a planet with stuff to scan.
who wrote this fucking mission anyway?
what's this, another unexpected result from the scans ?
Matches with the other shit you found.
Sciencey techno babble BS, and these 2 unexpected anomolies direct you to

System 3
Where you find an unexpected base full of Federation seperatists, made up of those who are against the continuation of the war machine. Probably led by a peace loving Aenar. They are negotiating a peace accord with the KDF, and are planning a peaceful revolution and overthrow of President Aenik ... whatever the fuck his name is, or at least the forced resignation of the Starfleet CiC and true Peace negotiations to begin.

Addendum : Obvious KDF side of the story presents itself, with a fully different motivation, and the ability to have actually different missions that have similar themes.

More shit should happen , mostly meeting the NPCs of the seperatists.
Liking some , not liking others.
Present a couple romance options to be explored later.
Put in multiple romance options throughout the series in the classic TV style of never showing much except the flirtation.

Misson One ends with the PC leaving the station or not , not sure , but regardless, does the PC report these people or not ?
report back to Gren

4 more missions that build off of this theme.
tested loyalties.
epic battles where the enemies can be members of your own faction.
Do you help the peaceful seperatists or not.
Have an episode based on a colony affected by the war. Show some of the dark side of war.
have the Seperatist explain what it really means when that crew indicator on your HUD is going down.
bring the real cost of this war to the pcs attention.

Have an epsiode where they have to get between a KDF General and a Starfleet captain , and negotiate a cease fire.

All this to bring about a result that,

The revelations regarding the Iconian involvement in the conflicts of the Alpha Quadrant aside, there are things that have been done by both sides during the war making a negotiating table difficult, but the first steps are laid by the PC during the Series, that peace between the Empire and the Federation might actually be possible , sooner than anyone thinks.

these are the broad strokes of my idea.

Start tearing it apart Smile

Oh yeah, and we should get this shit done before Cryptic launches whatever story push they have coming with Season 8.
Just saying.



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